The Centre for Recyclable Waste Chain and recycled - DF pilot was a research project proposed based on the results of two research projects coordinated by Lacis: the PROATOS and the value chain of recyclable and recycled waste of DF which is part of APL study of recycled solid waste and recyclable DF. The observatory project has received financial support from the Department of Science and Technology for Social Inclusion MCT (SECIS-MCT). The Observatory was developed using free software. Therefore, one of the premises of this research was the study of how to integrate a number of free software technologies in a solution of reliable and robust technology infrastructure.

Considering the speed and dynamics in the modification of the communication tools via the Internet and the difficulty of effectively implementing a waste management in municipalities, with the participation of all users, it was proposed an overhaul of the Observatory of recyclable waste, presenting content in accordance with the user profile, following, but the principles used in the initial design: a survey of programming languages, applications and appropriate open source tools for the redesign of the website, providing and integrating relevant information to agents connected to the network of solid waste , thus contributing to the structuring of the productive chain of recyclable waste.

Undergraduate Research and Extension projects are being developed with a team of six undergraduates in the period 2015-2016.