The Macária project - macaúba and engineering: pulp oil production and almond macaúba and gasification of biomass residues was developed in response to demand from the Public Call MCTI / CNPq / SPM-PR / Petrobras No. 18/2013: Girls and Young People Making Exact Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science in 2013 and 2014.

This project aimed to provide the opportunity to place high school students in touch with real engineering problems through the extraction technology development macaúba oil for biodiesel production, waste gasification of fruit and flour production from seeds. The project had the support of the group of research professors, technicians and course graduate students of Energy Engineering at the University of Brasilia-Gama.

With the financial support of the CNPq was possible to equip a lab with aerator, content removing and oil extractor and continue to be developed research scientific research and extension, to characterize oil and residue gasification.

The results have been presented points: Scientific Initiation Congress, University Week of UNB and Science and Technology Meetings, promoted in the UNB Campus Gama.