CEPAC (Center for research and development for innovation and sustainability of the built environment) is a centre of P & D for the development, testing, demonstration, dissemination and diffusion of sustainable technological solutions for processes and products of the built environment. This is the deployment, in the Midwest, of a reference centre that will work in network, as catalyst of technical capabilities within the country and internationally, consolidated targeting research and development with a focus on the built environment.
CEPAC is the result of a partnership between public and private agents of Brazil and of the United Kingdom, involving the Ministry of science, technology and innovation (MCTI); the Brazilian Chamber of the construction industry (CBIC); the Building Research Establishment (BRE); the University of Brasilia (UnB), through the laboratory of the built environment, Inclusion and sustainability (LACIS); and the Federal District Government (GDF), through the Department of science and technology.
The CEPAC's mission is to promote technological innovation, high-performance, low-cost and sustainability, given the current and future demands of the productive chain of the construction industry (CPLC). The main objective of the CEPAC is deploying a reference center with organized labor in network of agents and that will act as a catalyst for the consolidated technical capacity in the country and internationally, in order to speed up the process of innovation of the CPLC.