Industrialized Construction Manual

Concepts and Steps - Volume 1: Structure and Sealing.

ABDI - Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development.

Year: 2015.

This Manual is divided into two parts:

Part 1 - Concepts: Presents basic concepts for better use of manual, including:

industrialization of construction - open and closed cycle; rationalization and modular coordination in industrialized building systems; industrialization, prefabrication and pre-molding; industrialization and prefabrication: benefits and difficulties for its development; Modern methods of construction (MMC).

Part 2 - Hiring industrialized building systems:

based on the concept of industrialized construction, define the thread of the structure of this part of the Manual that in a practical way aims to guide the decision-making process in hiring construction systems. It also includes descriptions and examples of industrialized building systems, with brief historical, and specific information on some examples of building systems.

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