The article with the theme 'Retrofit : A Concept in construction in Brasilia' was written by Bruno Guimarães, Vamberto Machado and Felipe Nascimento. In the article there is the analysis of opportunity of using the term retrofit, applied for design and construction companies in the city of Brasilia. The article proposes the mapping of retrofit concepts developed by companies in the above segments in order to ascertain the level of alignment between the understanding of the companies on this activity and the resulting definition of literature. Most companies surveyed confuses the concept of retrofit with revitalization and reform. The sustainability focus of retrofit services was cited by only 18% of companies surveyed, while the importance of improving the performance of buildings was mentioned by 63%.



The article on the book 'Innovation and Sustainability in the Construction Industry: A Teaching Exercise in PPG - FAU / UNB' was written by Raquel Blumenschein, Vitoria Ferrari and Kátia Miller. This article describes the development outcomes of CAIS tool (Design and Analysis on Innovation and Sustainability) for structuring the reasoning and analysis of projects, designed and used in the subject named Special Studies in Technology.