Bruno Capanema is an architect and urbanist graduated by the University of Brasília (2000). Master the UnB (2010). Sustainable environmental rehabilitation expert architectural and urban planning (REHABILITATES), the UnB/USP/UFRGS (2008). Professor in the Department of Design at the Faculty of architecture and urbanism at the University of Brasilia-UnB, FAU/where is graduate Coordinator. A researcher at the laboratory of the built environment, Inclusion and sustainability-LACIS (CDS/FAU/FG-UnB), in the areas of design process, sustainability in the built environment and construction industry production chain. He has experience in the architecture field, with an emphasis on project management, complex functions and sustainable projects of buildings certifications. He has expertise in the area of institutional architecture, have been Cultural Director, and Vice President of the Institute of architects of Brazil, Section DF-IAB-DF.