Raquel Blumenschein - Coordinator of Lacis/UnB


Patricia da Silva Fiuza Pina student defended her dissertation in PPG / FAU on August 28, 2015 with the research: Quality Diagnostic design process with focus on communication and integration between agents: FAPP, A Support Tool. This master's thesis can be found in Publications.

The study proposes the development and implementation of a support tool for the diagnosis of the quality in the production process of the project, contributing to the communication and integration among the agents involved in the design process. The methodology is based on the principles of the learning system strengthening and understanding of the design process and its bottlenecks in this process, supported by the concepts of quality of the design process, focusing on human resources and information flow. The diagnostic tool was tested in five companies in the DF from the relationship between degrees of formality and importance of the activities or services developed, and by the disparities between these records. It was found that the common weaknesses concern the integration of agents, technical training in specific fields, the time of decision-making and information flow. The results confirm that there is significant room for improving the supply chain project, which appears fragile in relation to the learning process and the lack of preparation to carry out effective organizational changes to the advancement of quality in the production of the design process.