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Team receives representatives of British institution reference in technological research in buildings and makes balance insurance. 

Lucas Mazzola -Communication Lacis/UnB

The University of Brasilia has received, this Wednesday (11), two representatives of  Building Research Establishment (BRE), British institution reference in technological buildings research. The Chief Executive of BRE, Peter Bonfield, and the International Director, Claudia Barros, met with the vice principal, Sonia Báo, and with researchers from Inclusion and Sustainability of the Built Environment (Lacis/UnB), Faculty of architecture and Urbanism (FAU), which has a partnership with BRE  in the sustainability area focused on construction.

During the meeting, Brazilian and British did an assessment of the activities carried out by the Centre of excellence for BRE in UnB: Integrated Sustainable Communities Research, fruit of agreement between the institutions and headquartered in the laboratory at FAU.

"Any partnership is very important to the University, but one that aims at sustainability is key, because it works the issue of environmental and social inclusion more clearly," assessed the vice principal Sonia Báo. According to her, the discussion of the topic is required. "We have a situation in the world, in which we have to get this output; get improvements to the society as a whole, " she added.

The Centre of Excellence focuses on development, testing and demonstration of innovative models and paradigms change, production processes, organizations, communities and urban centres, aiming at the consolidation of standards of sustainability in construction.

The evaluation of the UnB-BRE was positive by both sides, and the institutions will continue sharing knowledge in the area, including the exchange of the University researchers who will work on the British Research Center.

On Thursday (12), representatives of the two institutions held a workshop in the Brazilian Chamber of the Construction Industry (CBIC), seeking support for the deployment of sustainable technological innovations which will be built in College UnB Range.

Text: UnB Agency